The grey shades of Holi



I was just sipping my tea and surfing twitter after a modest celebration of Holi with my near ones , I came across a Trending HASHTAG (#BLOCKSCHOOPWHOOP) apparently for an article written against HOLI festival and subsequently  hurting sentiments of many Holi Loving Hindus. HOLI is blissfully celebrated in Northern part of India, Majorly comes from Mathura & Vrindavan (the holy cities of Uttar Pradesh) also known as festival of Colors.

Undoubtedly, this festival is one of the most fun loving and vibrant one will ever find across cultures, but one has to accept, it is also disliked by the counter disciples citing personal reasons.

SCOOPWHOOP published an article on HOLI on March 13,2017 yes a year back “Holi Is The Worst Festival That Exists & I Can’t Pretend To Play Along Anymore”.     Now this is a headline that is definitely going to pinch to many and of course hurt many sentiments. To be sure, of the content, I visited the all famous blog, read the article and on the contrary to my belief, was completely disappointed by the content.

Completely one sided, with a focus to tarnish the image of festivals and mincing no words before writing. Felt like, it was written by a person, who just got immensely hurt by many throw-downs of color filled Balloons.

Holi is definitely a joyous festival in nature, people visits friends and relatives, apply Color(known as Gulal and Rang in Hindi) to both youngsters and elders, children likes to play with balloons throwing them on passerby’s, families celebrating the festivals with a combination of Dance on the floor and Gujiyaa(an Indian sweet dish specially prepared on the eve of Holi) in the plate.

But on the contrary, there is a set of people who are just not comfortable with the use of Color on skin(which is most of the time itchy on skin), prefers to stay inside the room(or within their comfort zone).

But there is another section of society which is forceful and aggressive in exercising the phrase “BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI” with some unwanted force looking to pull others out of their comfort zones.

In a recent incident, where Delhi University students were allegated with  throwing Sperm Baloons (yes you read it right) can never be endorsed in the name of “BURA NA MAANO HOLI HAI”, this is a doing of the lowest conduct deserving to be dealt with the toughest of the penalties possible.

We don’t argue that, what Schoopwhoop has written is right or not, but if trending hastags (#BANSCHOOPWHOOP) are right, then all the misconducts that we do by groping girls and women also deserve to be punished. We are also doing no right in seeing all good in the festival with one eye only and ignoring everything else.

A festival irrespective of religion and occasion, always advocate Love and affection to bring love and harmony in the society. Holi is not an exception and any kind of force and unwanted pleasure in the name of festival should always be dealt with all seriousness.