India need more movies on climate change

Climate change is becoming the hot new subject slowly picked up by Bollywood

Our Planet has become warmer by 0.8°C because of climate change triggered by factors like pollution, greenhouse effect and depleting ozone layer. If the current practices continue, there is a 40% likelihood of our planet warming up to 4°C by the end of 21st century.

Although the issue of climate change is so grave and relevant to the entire human race yet there is very limited awareness among people about the problem and the role each of us can play to mitigate the risk.

In pursuit of creating a buzz about climate change in India, some of the directors have taken up the subject and are coming with stories in an attempt to raise awareness among the audience.

Three types of movies have been prepared which have touched these issues and seen different response from the audience.

  1. Kadwi hawaKadwi hawa has really shook the country to its core. The movie has showcased the impact of climate change over the life of small and marginal farmers in India. The director Nila Madhab Panda has presented the movie with sensitivity and seriousness the subject deserves. The veteran actors Sanjay Mishra and Ranvir Shorey has done full justice to their characters and added the flavor of serious acting the film required. Unfortunately, the film has not succeeded commercially much as the audience is not yet matured enough to appreciate the sensitivity and seriousness of the movie. Despite limited commercial success, the movie has made an impact among the sensitive audience of the country who cares for the subject. Also, the movie itself is a story which deserves to be communicated among the small and marginal farmers communities of India to promote adoption of sustainable agriculture practices.
  2. The flying JattThe Flying Jatt was a movie which was mostly remembered for its star cast (Tiger shroff and Jaqualine Fernandis) and dance tracks including “beat pe booty”. Although the movie created a buzz among the Indian audience and also received little commercial success but sadly the movie could do justice to the sensitive topic it picked up. The movie revolved around the issue of environment pollution where a superhero saves the world against a monster who thrives on pollution. Even the promotion or the trailers could not reflect upon the sensitivity of the problem and merely it was used as an object.
  3. Toilet ek prem katha

    The movie has hit the sweet spot of entertaining the audience as well as raising the awareness among audience. The movie has served the subject of open defecation through comedy genre in a manner that audience entered the theaters with an expectation of entertainment and went away laughing along with increased awareness on the issue. 

Despite whatever commercial success these movies gathered, the directors are to be appreciated for taking up the subject of climate change in front of Indian audience. More efforts are to be made on these lines with these experiences as movies can play a pivotal role in creating awareness among masses on climate change.       



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